Line-A Represents Impetux – Optical Tweezers for Mechanobiology

We are proud to inform that Line-A Technologies is the representor and distributor of Impetux, Spain.

Impetux makes innovative optical tweezers with a unique force sensor technology, multiple optical traps generation module and automated & customizable routines.


  • Generate up to 256 optical traps thanks to its AOD beam steering technology enabling extensive manipulating control over them.
  • Get direct force measurements inside cells and tissues. No previous calibrations are needed: just trap & measure!
  • Track simultaneous force measurements over multiple independent traps.
  • Measure forces applied either over trapped exogenous spherical particles or directly over whole cells or endogenous trappable cellular structures such as lipid vesicles, membranes or nuclei.
  • A wide variety of imaging techniques compatibility (BF, epi-FL, DIC, TIRF, Confocal…).
  • Use our predefined & customizable routines for cell mechanobiology: force clamp, active & passive micro-rheology, cell stretching, tether pulling…
  • …or create your own routines using our simple LightAce Software Development Kit!
  • Includes an ultra-stable single-frequency laser source (5W, 1064 nm) for the best performance in frequency-dependent studies.