Rapid mass-screening diagnostic test for COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has challenged traditional timelines for everything from vaccine manufacture and clinical trials to diagnostics development. In a joint project from Stream Bio and MIP Diagnostics Ltd, a superior rapid diagnostic and associated mass screening test can be developed with an estimated timeline of just 11 weeks. It has the potential to reduce diagnosis times for COVID-19 from 24 hours to just 10 minutes, in addition to increasing the sensitivity of detection. 

The end result is a diagnostic reagent that can be used in both lateral flow assays and mass screening tests. This will provide a complementary alternative to PCR, providing more than doubling the national capacity for mass testing while dramatically reducing diagnosis time to 10 minutes. By combining our novel, highly developed technology with innovative nanoMIPs, we can offer a superior diagnostic reagent with heightened sensitivity and specificity of binding. This will change the pandemic testing capacity and aid outbreak management worldwide.

 If you are located in Israel, and working on a development of a fast diagnostic kit – please contact info@line-a.co.il for more information.