New – FastGene® NanoSpec and FastGene® NanoView – High-end photometric analysis from Nippon Genetics

FastGene® NanoSpec and FastGene® NanoView – High-end photometric analysis

FastGene® NanoSpec and FastGene® NanoView – High-end photometric analysis

We are launching our brand-new photometers, the Fastgene® NanoSpec and Fastgene® NanoView. The high-end devices are characterized by versatile applications and highest user-friendliness.

FastGene® NanoSpec – The all-round UV-Vis Spectrophotometer


The FastGene® NanoSpec is our all-round UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, with an intuitive and easy-to-use software interface. The light weight of the FastGene® NanoSpec, combined with a small footprint of roughly a DIN-A4-page size, make it a compact yet powerful stand-alone device. It fits into every laboratory, even with limited benchtop space!


The FastGene® NanoSpec contains a microvolume drop reader and a cuvette reader for numerous applications. You can examine large sample quantities, such as bacterial cultures or colorimetric assays, or very small (µl) samples of nucleic acids or protein solutions with high-end full-spectrum analysis (190 nm -850 nm).


The software of the FastGene® NanoSpec was designed for an intuitive user experience. The programs are easy to identify and straightforward to use via the large touch-screen. The device software comprises over 20 preset measurement modes, organized in distinct tabs for fast and easy analysis of nucleic acids, proteins, protein assays or bacterial cultures. The creation of new and personalized programs is easy and self-explanatory.

FastGene® NanoView – The Compact Specialist


The FastGene® NanoView is our compact photometer, designed for very precise applications. The specialist device with an even smaller footpring (14,5 x 19 cm) reliably performs quantitative analysis of DNA/RNA (260 nm), protein solutions (280 nm) and OD600 measurements.


Drop or cuvette – Why not both in one device? The microvolume drop reader and cuvette reader are both smartly integrated under one lid, making the FastGene® NanoView ultra small, silent and an absolute lightweight.


The software of the FastGene® NanoView was designed for ease of use with large and self explanatory touch-screen icons. The intuitive main menu of the affordable stand-alone device enables easy navigation through 10 preset measurement modes for convenient DNA, RNA, protein or OD600 analysis.

FastGene® Photometer – Highlights


Drop and Cuvette

Both analysis sources, a microvolume drop reader and a cuvette reader, are present in our FastGene® Photometers.


Intuitive Software

The software interfaces of the FastGene® NanoSpec and FastGene® NanoView were designed for an intuitive user experience. Navigate through the different measurement modes with self-explanatory touch-screen icons.


Reliable Results

The wide spectral width (190 – 850 nm) of the FastGene® NanoSpec and the distinct measurement wavelengths (260 nm, 280 nm, 600 nm) of the FastGene® NanoView enable reliable and precise analysis of biological samples.

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