BC43 Benchtop Confocal Demo at ILANIT Conference 21-23/2/23

Line-A Technologies on a collaboration with Andor Technology are proud to announce a demo of the BC43 benchtop confocal system, taking place during the ILANIT conference and exhibition in Eilat. The exhibition will take place during the 21st to 23rd of February, 2023. Our booth is located at Dan Hotel, booth number 26, Eilat, Israel.

What is BC43?

The BC43 Benchtop Confocal delivers amazing images at the push of a button. This plug and play confocal system has been designed with cost, performance and accessibility in mind, ensuring hassle-free, high-quality 2D & 3D imaging for busy researchers.

It is a fast and sensitive confocal equipped with a high level spinning disk technology, motorized microscope and anti-vibration mechanism – all wrapped in a very compact box. It can image not only confocal but also widefield fluorescence, brightfield and differential phase contrast. An optional incubator provides controlled temperature and CO2 for long time live cell imaging.

It is very easy to use but produces magnificent 3D images and comes with a GPU powered deconvolution module, fast and accurate stitching module and both Fusion and Imaris-core software.

Whether you are a researcher, student or industry professional, the BC43 is the ideal choice for your imaging needs.

During the demo, our experts will be on hand to demonstrate the full capabilities of the BC43 and answer any questions you may have. You will have the opportunity to see the BC43 in action and experience its advanced features, such as fast scan speeds, high-resolution imaging and real-time visualization of live samples.

BC43 benchtop confocal system with open lid. A screen with an image of a fluorescent fish next to it

To schedule a personal demo slot – please contact Sales@Line-A.co.il or call +972(0)54 613 1 613

Don’t miss this chance to see the BC43 in action and learn about its many benefits. We hope to see you there!

More than Imaging

Not only the BC43 will be displayed at ILANIT. Other instruments from Line-A Technologies will be displayed, such as:

We are excited to see you at ILANIT FISEB 2023! Come to booth #26 at Dan Hotel Eilat to see us, and get a nice gift!