High Speed Confocal System
Dragonfly High End Spinning Disk Confocal
Mosaic3 Flexible Photo-Activation Unit
MicroPoint Photoablation Unit
Scientific Cameras
Live Cell Quatative Phase Imaging
Unity laser free confocal all in one with incubator and built in computer
All in one laser free confocal for live cell imaging
Niji - Flexible 7 LEDs LIght Engine
Rescan Super Resolution Confocal Microscope
White Light for Fluorescence
Laser Free Fast Confocal
White LED light for Brightfield
Upright microscope EXC-400 with ergonomic head
Upright microscopes
Z12 stereo microscope with ergonomic head and diascopic LED
Stereo Microscopes
invertred microscope with a camera and built in monitor
Inverted TC microscopes
Research inverted fluorescence microscopes
Allevi - 3D Bio-Printers
Fas-V High end gel doc
PCR thermal cycler gradient

Reagents and consumables

Fluorescent magnetic nanopartlicles
Bio-inks and consumables for 3D bioprinting
Safe nucleic acid stains
Freezing media and cryotubes

General lab equipment

Mini centrifuge
FastGene mini dry bath
FastGene high speed mini centrifuge
FastGene vortexer mini
tissue grinder to grind and homogenize live tissues in biology labaratories
Tissue grinder
electronic pipettes for accurate liquid handling
Electronic pipettes
Gel electrophoresis system with LED illuminator
DNA gel electrophoresis
plate centrifuge
Plate centrifuge